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Over the past 15 years of strength training, the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that the mind is the most powerful muscle of all. I’ve trained athletes of all types and backgrounds and the one common philosophy that works for them all is; DEVELOP THE MIND & THE REST WILL FOLLOW. I work with a number of individuals each month directly through my 1on1 coaching services; helping develop each individual both physically, mentally and spiritually inside & outside of the gym.

My goal? To help everyone I work with better understand:  goal setting, mindset development, self betterment, staying accountable, training correctly, understanding weaknesses development, and to push their bodies to peak physical strength & condition! While sharpening their minds & helping them instill confidence in their abilities. Both inside & out of the gym.

“Words of sincere passion and faith” is often how my message is described. Between the steadily growing podcast “The Zach Homol Show” & multiple public speaking engagements, I have only one goal in mind: to motivate others to become the best version of themselves. Engagements ranging from motivating corporate lunch-ins, mentor-guided discussions at universities to public schools, amongst a multitude of other speaking opportunities, I aim to connect, educate and motivate each individual directly. Head over to my YouTube channel for additional content!

I Speak.

I Write.

Each week I send out exclusive newsletters to thousands of individuals seeking to better themselves both mentally & physically. These weekly emails range from my viewpoints on critical and sometimes controversial topics, heartfelt motivation, self-development, premium training tips, business insight, profound customer-client relations & much more. This exclusive content can only be found through this newsletter.

YouTube Channel

I upload multiple videos each week to my YouTube channel ranging from lifting tips, motivation, podcasts & more!

My E-Books

I’ve had the opportunity to positively impact thousands of lives through my comprehensive ebooks that have been sold in over 24 countries! Each of my Ebooks is equipped with an 8-week training split with two comprehensive nutrition plans, Lean Mass for increased muscle mass and better body composition and a Shredz plan for a lean and mean physique oriented goal. Included in each book is a detailed exercise guide & private video library. This ensures that you’re doing the movements properly & getting the most out of your workouts. I got you covered! Over a hundred different exercises can be found in each individual Ebook. We will keep your body guessing & progressing steadily

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